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The Roseway Hospital Foundation believes that to do the best job, you must have the best tools.  Employers understand the importance of improving healthcare services as it relates to physician recruitment, ease of access to services and population retention.  Employees want to live and work in communities that have good modern healthcare and good companies want strong health-care for their hard working employees.  It is for these reasons the Foundation is taking a more aggressive approach to fundraising and asking for your help.

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Digital X-Ray technology represents the next generation of imaging, allowing for clearer, sharper, quality images that are electronically stored and immediately available to the radiologist for interpretation.  Digital systems further reduce already low radiation exposure levels and promote a faster turnaround time between patients.


Hear what members of the community have to say about the Roseway Hospital

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Dr. John Keeler

Deana Hickey

I have had the pleasure of working closely with the Roseway Hospital Foundation for 23 years.  They have always been very supportive of the hospital/staff and community.  Originally the Foundation focused primarily on equipment but over the years have expanded their scope to include infrastructure like the current Rehab space and most recently the very generous contribution to the new Medical Clinic.  I could not be more proud to work with such a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers.  They truly are an integral part of our hospital and community.  

Jodi Ybarra, Roseway Hospital Site Manager

Dr. O'Sullivan and the nursing staff at Roseway Hospital showed huge abouts of humanity, compassion and caring when my mother needed healthcare at our community hospital in Shelburne.  Their professional demeanor and attitude were greatly appreciated.

Norm Wallet

I started working at the Shelburne Family Practice a month ago. Shelburne is a beautiful town with a strong supportive health team and very accommodating people. I recently started helping out with in-patients at the Roseway Hospital where I was impressed with the effort the healthcare team put in day and night to help patients on their way to recovery in spite of limited facilities. 

It is my hope that hands will join hands to give the hospital every required equipment and aid for optimal health care delivery which a beautiful town and municipality like Shelburne deserves.

Dr. Adeleke Ifesanya

Roseway Hospital and clinic are an integral part to the well-being of Shelburne County and residents. The healthcare and support staff are dedicated, empathetic and caring. The feeling of community and team is undeniable. Roseway Hospital Foundation has supported me since 2018 and I looking forward to future collaboration. 


I am honoured and grateful to be a part of the Shelburne team and community. 

 Maria Ceschiutti, Nurse Practitioner 

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